Next-Generation Digital Strategies & Innovation In Financial Services For Customer-Driven Transformation​

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Parul Kaul-Green, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Liberty Specialty Markets

Customer Insights, Expectations & Journeys

Panel Discussion | Q&A

09.10 Maximise The Latest Customer Insights, Expectations & Trends To Fuel Digital Transformation, Determine Critical Product & Service Improvements & Drive Business Growth:

  • What exactly is it customers want, need and expect from your digital offerings today? How can you create a seamless experience for customers from digital transformation and innovation?
  • Taking the next step in digital progress: how can you leverage the power of digital solutions to create a personal experience for your customers?
  • Customer-centricity can’t just be a tick box exercise! How can you enable critical customer insights to drive real business change and outcomes?
  • Keep up with constantly changing customer preferences around how they want to be serviced by your FS organisation in order to continuously update customer service models and changing the delivery of these solutions to suit their expectations today.

Chad Wilson, Head of Client Journey, Product & Design, J.P. Morgan

Geraldine Maringo, Head of Digital (Chief Product Owner), Nationwide Building Society

Esin Over, Head of Digital Engagement, First Direct

Thomas Simpson, Managing Director, YBS Commercial Mortgages, Yorkshire Building Society

Vikas Gujral, Director Digital Strategy & Performance, Bupa

AI Excellence

Latest Critical Insights

09.40 From RPA To ML Unlock Practical Applications Of Automation Excellence To Adapt Enterprise Architectures & Enhance Your Customer’s Financial Services Digital Experience

  • Demystifying and debunking what intelligent chat bots and language models can and can’t do: examine realistic applications for the finance sector and explore how interaction patterns with customers are set to evolve.
  • With large language models set to replace significant portions of the digital landscape, tailor current investments in apps, functionality and technological infrastructures to AI trajectories to ensure flexible outcomes and smooth transitions.
  • Colleague interaction, role definition, ways of working, premises and resource requirements: prepare rigorously for the ongoing AI revolution with wider organisational strategies and enterprise architecture fit for the modern workforce.
  • What will be the key regulatory hurdles and ethical impacts of rolling out ML technology across Financial Services?

AI Application, Value & Benefits

Panel Discussion | Q&A

10.00 Determine The Value Of AI, Decrease Operating Costs & Drive Customer Engagement Success With Seamless Applications & Proven Benefits Which Improve Personalisation & Digital Finance Experiences

  • Examine the real-life use of AI specifically within Financial Services and how you can maximise it to transform the business landscape for future-driven tech benefits.
  • Debate and discuss how organisations can adapt and manage their transformation of AI into products, premises and their workforce to enhance customer and colleagues’ digital experiences.
  • From call listening and automated prompts to streamlined communication and more… implement practical features of intelligent automation now to achieve gains and efficacy on the back-end across your functions.
  • Address customer pain-points across digital finance and self-serve to hone your assisted digital services for slow-burn products and less digitally-fluent customers.
  • With chatGPT 4 making waves, how are BFSI organisations outlining their transformation roadmaps to incorporate large language models, given their specific client demographics, needs, and internal resources?
  • With modern knowledge algorithms and ML technologies threatening to transfer client advice outside of the app, how can BFSI institutions address ownership of these new CX capabilities moving forward, and keep the customer close?

Chloe Evans, UK Claims Strategy & Change Management Lead, Zurich Insurance

Jesila Fernandes, Change Initiatives Enablement Lead, Fidelity International

Ullas Kishore, Senior Product Manager – Growth and Engagement, Lloyds Banking Group

10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Double Perspective

11.30 Optimise Value, Benchmark Success & Drive Forward Robust, Practical & Profit-Boosting Digital Transformation & Innovation By Harnessing The Right Digital & Tech Architecture For Your Business

  • Harness key technological trends to deliver UX excellence and drive digital engagement with seamless BFSI products and services.
  • Success starts from within! Secure internal backing and mitigate reluctancy around digital transformation by proving the long-term value and overcoming internal doubts.
  • How can cloud platforms and the right tech mix support and also enable shorter time-to-market for new products and features?
  • Measure demographic trends and client needs against technological advancements to locate the necessary short and longer-term investments to secure market share and prove ROI on your digital innovation.

Kari-Anne Clayton, Head of Transformation, Strategy, Risk & Service, Retail Banking Digital & Technology, NatWest Group

Data Strategies

People, Business & Customer Needs

12.10 Unlock Critical Insights From Compliant Data Collection & Translate Results Into Actionable Concepts To Deliver Seamless Experiences & Streamline Transformation & Innovation Across Financial Services

  • Generating real value is still proving to be a challenge; how can organisations retrieve demonstrable value from the wealth of data captured in order to compliantly and efficiently drive experiences and engagement?
  • Remove existing or legacy obstacles and collaborate closely on technological innovations to unlock data integration from ESG data to financial and customer insights to combat inefficiencies.
  • Master new software and tools to facilitate access to relevant and live data for a clearer line of sight across functions and unlock informed and strategic decision-making.
  • How can you support data literacy for colleagues through the presentation and visualisation of data today?
  • From the cost-of-living crisis and accessibility challenges for vulnerable customers to facilitating personal investment opportunities… engage proactively with real-time data to increase customer care and support functions and engineer user-friendly services.

Mayank Bothra, Vice President, Head of Product, Digital Client Services, J.P. Morgan

Decentralised Finance

NEW! Benefits, Trends & Insights

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.20  Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions


a) Digital Employee Experience

Susan Quain, Digital Employee Experience Director, Fidelity International    

b) Empowering Product Teams 

Matthew Cevik Loft, Chief Design Officer, PensionBee    

c) Design Thinking & Agile

f) Consumer Duty

d) Vulnerable Customers

e) Blockchain

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Yawar Choudhry, Head of Client Services Proposition, Legal & General

Disruptive Tech, Tools & Software

Delegate Discussion

14.00 Adopt High-Impact Tech Solutions With Durable Benefits To Monetise The Brand New & Emerging Opportunities For Your Organisation To Excel

  • Which fresh additions to company tech stacks are proving the most valuable in the BFSI space, and where do use cases demonstrate key opportunities and successful implementations of these technologies?
  • How are platforms and tools for ways of working, virtual meetings, project scheduling and more, energising new-look workforces with flexibility, efficacy and high productivity?
  • Which other growth areas and tech solutions, from cloud integration to loyalty solutions and beyond, offer the greatest potential gains for your organisation, and how can you roll these solutions out effectively?
  • How are technology providers in the FinTech space protecting against their products becoming one-off novelties and providing service solutions which offer incremental gains to BSFI organisations overall?

The Impact on Generative AI on FSI Compliance


Generative AI: Unlocking the Potential for Financial Services Organisations

  • Generative AI encompasses more than just ChatGPT and offers transformative capabilities for Financial Services Organisations. Delve into the diverse facets of Generative AI and its profound impact on FSI Compliance.
Transforming Financial Services Organisations through Generative AI
  • By exploring the utilisation of both public and private AI models, and the advantages they bring to the industry, gain insights into the role of popular AI tools like Microsoft Copilot and Google Workspace AI in driving innovation.
Unique Challenges: Ethical Considerations in Generative AI for FSI Compliance
  • Generative AI presents distinct challenges for FSI Compliance teams. Examine the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in financial services and understand the regulatory responsibilities and implications of adopting Generative AI, especially with the corresponding explosion in data.

Shaun Hurst, Principal Regulatory Advisor, Smarsh

Transformation: Journey & Legacy


14.45 Upgrade & Reconcile Legacy Infrastructures, Open Up Information-Sharing & Embed Customer-Centricity From The Back-End For Top-Performing Digital Products & Services

  • Cultivate customer-centric product design from the back-end through all of your client interfaces to create seamless user experiences in app and online and establish the trust of Gen Z audiences and beyond.
  • Demonstrate the value-add of digital-native approaches, activate leadership engagement and support for change strategies, and hone your digital journeys for basic and complex products alike.
  • Improve access to centralised information by reconciling legacy systems with cloud integrations and system upgrades to absorb the benefits of improved inter-departmental communication.
  • Foster innovation and creative problem-solving with new systems and processes to give all colleagues a voice to boost collaboration and embolden those with strategic expertise to take responsibility for the best outcomes.

Thomas Simpson, Managing Director, YBS Commercial Mortgages, Yorkshire Building Society

Cultural Transformation

Benefits, Trends & Insights

15.05 Achieve Long-Term, Sustainable Cultural Transformation By Securing Stakeholder Buy-In, Creating Change Champions & Positioning Digital Transformation At The Forefront Of Strategies  

  • How can you adapt your culture and your ecosystem to adapt to the new technologies and digital innovation at scale?
  • Double down on organisational direction to maintain a constant course and rally colleagues around shared goals, mission and values to mitigate hesitancy.
  • Embrace organisational values and personal engagement to support colleagues during digital, technological and strategic change, and keep purpose and productivity levels high.
  • Tackle risk adversity and adaptation fears to new technologies: foster an opportunity mindset from top-to-bottom to boost creative problem-solving and close the gap on tech adoption rates.
  • What do design thinking and agile methodologies look like at scale? Harness progressive frameworks to wrest control of business processes amid the pace of digitalisation and deliver more sustainable outcomes.

Iestyn Hughes, Head of Mission Enterprise Architecture, Nationwide Building Society

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Building Financial Capability & Digital Excellence

Panel Discussion | Q&A

16.10 Enhance Experiences, Improve Your Digital Architecture & Create A Fit-For-Purpose, Future-Proofed Digital Ecosystem To Bridge The Digital Divide

  • How can you engineer flexibility into your ecosystem to promote quicker time-to-market for new solutions and services, while still offering a complex range of products in a streamlined way?
  • Quick-fix, all-singing software or hard-wired headache? Ensure customers and colleagues still benefit from top functionality and slick communication across your digital offerings.
  • Tackle generational differences and transition digital services towards self-serve as effectively and quickly as possible without alienating your existing customer base to satisfy all consumer bases, retain engagement and drive loyalty across the board.
  • Annual operating systems and budgets VS. the pace of emerging tech: how can innovators unlock investment opportunities and increase the speed of adoption?

Paul Staples, Board Member & Observer in BaaS & Embedded Finance, HSBC

Kshitij Zulkanthiwar,  Digital Solutions Architect, Capital One

Sam Suen, Digital Strategy & Innovation Leader, International Affinity, Marsh

Anna Livingstone, Lead User Researcher, Tide

Becci Greenfield, Senior UX/UI Design Practice Manager, Coventry Building Society

Kylie Upton, Head of Product (Digital), Nationwide Building Society

ESG & Sustainability Progress

16.40 Take Practical Action To Embed Green Finance & ESG Initiatives Into Your Strategies To Prove Climate Transformation Credentials & Satisfy Consumer Expectations

  • Explore ESG criteria and metrics to step up green initiatives and boost customer engagement in sustainability product portfolios today.
  • Get up to speed on industry definitions of sustainability and how carbon footprint and ESG criteria are set, calculated and standardised for BFSI organisations and their clients.
  • How can insurance companies absorb climate risks for their clients while helping them earn carbon credits and close the gap on their emissions targets?
  • Identify tangible measures to make operations more sustainable and accelerate towards net zero commitments whilst mitigating the fear of greenwashing accusations.

Rami Soysa, Head of Client Engagement, International Affinity, Marsh

Regulatory Impact On Transformation

17.00 How Can Companies Manage Their Technological Risks & Invest In New Opportunities With Clear & Concise Expectations On Regulatory Obstacles & Their Potential Impact?

  • How can you work closer with compliance teams on clarity and standardisation in regulation to ensure a level playing field amid the pace of emerging technologies?
  • Central bank digital currencies are coming… prepare compliantly and smartly for new risks and opportunities around anti-fraud detection and prevention.
  • Understand international and regional regulatory inconsistencies and their impact on digital evolution in the sector in order to break new ground with digital transformation.
  • While privacy protection measures are updated around multi-cloud and the DeFi space regarding greater access to information for governments and other players, how can BFSI organisations support these measures and their clients effectively?
  • How are other FS organisations responding to the increased demands of Consumer Duty and preparing tangible proofs to meet the criteria in their propositions and journey designs?

Paul Dyer, Chief Operating Officer, Amigo Loans

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference