Proven Frameworks For AI & Automation & Disruptive Yet Value-Adding Data & Tech Strategies For Optimal Digital Capabilities & Faster, Smarter & More Personalised Customer Experiences

Practical, Customer-Centric, Growth-Focused & Streamlined Digital Transformation, Innovation & AI In Financial Services

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Sharniya Ferdinand, Enterprise Community Strategy Director, NatWest

John Mahony, Head Of Compliance, Atrato Group

AI & Automation: Practical Application, Value & Benefits

Panel Discussion


09.10 Effectively Leverage AI & Automation To Optimise Digital Capabilities, Enhance Business Operations, Remain Competitive & Enhance Customer Experiences

  • Uncover critical insights, specific use cases, emerging trends, and best practice to leverage AI, enhance business operations, and deliver improved customer experiences
  • Going beyond buzzwords: demonstrate the real, proven, and practical value of AI to senior leaders in order to make workflows work faster, save time, increase revenue, decrease operational risk and optimise digital transformation capabilities
  • Emphasise the importance of responsible AI, ensure your organisation understands these biases and implement strategies and develop unbiased algorithms to mitigate discrimination
  • What will AI look like in the next 5-10 years? Examine the current landscape of AI in Financial Services to shape strategic decisions and ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve


Raj Mukherjee, Director/ Head of Data Science & AI, Direct Line Group

Farzana Arif, Global Delivery Lead, Klarna

Keith Davies, Group Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Admiral Group Plc

Konstantina Kapetanidi, Head of Business Intelligence, Client Insights Unit, Schroders

Arthur Leung, Chief Product Officer, Shawbrook

Jack White, Product Innovation Lead, Securities Services, Citi

AI Strategy Workshop

New Format Innovation for 2024

09.40 Share Your Insights & Strategies To Discover Where AI Meets Financial Services To Revolutionise & Drive Forward Digital Transformation, Protect Your Customers & Explore Groundbreaking Solutions That Will Shape The Financial Landscape

Case Study

10.00 LSB Case Study

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, Lending Standards Board

10.20 Bonus Session – Reserved for Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Building Seamless Customer Journeys, Experiences & Engagement

Panel Discussion


11.20 Revolutionise End-To-End Customer Experience In Financial Services! Respond To Customer Needs Effectively & Deliver Seamless Digital Transformation By Leveraging Brand New, Updated & Innovative Insights

  • Streamline digital processes and reduce manual handling to maximise efficiencies by leveraging new digital processes – it’s a win-win for you and the customer!
  • How far is too far? Explore what customers really want beyond products and reframe CX in the context of digital transformation to align your current strategies with ever-changing customer expectations
  • Ensure consistency across channels and touchpoints and balance digital tools and the human touch to skyrocket customer satisfaction
  • Design inclusive digital experiences that cater to diverse customer needs to ensure digital banking experiences are accessible for all users

Jürgen Blumberg, COO for EMEA ETF Accelerator, Goldman Sachs

Honey Ajuwon, Head of Journey Transformation, NatWest

Mike Davies, Head of Business Development, Yorkshire Building Society – YBS Commercial Mortgages

Celia Shek, Head of Audit, Distribution & Servicing, Consumer Relationships, Lloyds Banking Group

Aysara Yusupova, Regional Head of Deployment, Europe and Americas – Digital Channels and Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank

Data Strategies

Invaluable Insights

12.00 Collect, Analyse & Leverage Critical Data & Translate Insights Compliantly To Streamline Transformation & Support Digital Change In Financial Services

  • Implement robust data strategies which deliver actionable and meaningful insights to drive personalised interactions across channels to simplify transformation and showcase value
  • Democratise your data strategies to create sustainable, secure, and compliant data governance frameworks that drive digital transformation
  • Are you maintaining service levels whilst digitalising, and more importantly, are you maintaining data quality? Evolve your digital infrastructure with high-quality and reliable data for optimum service delivery
  • Enhance your digital adaptability! Implement new reporting techniques that leverage data analysis and AI-driven insights to identify pain points and support digital change in financial services

Alexander Fisher, Director, Strategic Intelligence, Standard Chartered Bank

12.20 The Approach To Assessing The Impact Of Future Technologies – Case Study

Iestyn Hughes, Head of Mission Enterprise Architecture, Nationwide Building Society

Disruptive Digital Tools, Tech, AI & Robotics

12.40 Leverage Brand New, Practical & Proven Digital, Tech & Robotics For Enhanced Digital Experiences To Remain Competitive & Optimise Efficiencies

  • Examine the real impact of new tech and digital on financial product development cycles and decentralised finance to stay ahead of the curve and deliver enhanced experiences for employees and customers alike
  • Navigate barriers to seamless implementation of new tech and digital to avoid unnecessary expenditures and mitigate risks to optimise efficiencies
  • What does the future of financial services look like in a robotic world? Stay on top of new technological advancements to remain competitive in a disruptive market

Deepak Colluru, Director of Product Management, Go Cardless

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) CRM: Scott Smith, Global Head of Client Experience Transformation, BlackRock

b) Automation & Chatbots

c) Frameworks & Methodologies

d) Cost & Budgets

e) Buy-In & ROI

f) Climate, ESG & Sustainability

14.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Duncan Beach, Managing Director, Global Head Risk & Compliance Transformation, HSBC

David Bonavia, Lead Operational Risk Framework Manager, Metro Bank (UK)

14.10 Financial Conduct Authority Case Study

Ian Phoenix, Director – Intelligence, Digital & Innovation, Financial Conduct Authority

Implement Optimised Digital Transformation & Innovation

Best-Practice Insights

Double Perspective

14.20 Power Successful Digital Transformation By Implementing Brand New Strategies, Overcoming Pitfalls & Driving Customised Approaches For Seamless Digital Innovation In Financial Services

  • What are the proven processes and innovative strategies you need to implement today in order to facilitate successful digital transformation and deliver seamless organisational change?
  • Examine how you can streamline operations to increase efficiencies and adapt to changing customer needs for improved productivity and elevated customer experiences  
  • Raise your hand if your company has delivered a digital transformation project within budget and on time? Deep dive into the potential barriers and roadblocks to achieving organisational goals and unlock the key for long-term success
  • Have you got the right architecture in place to support your digital transformation journey? Discover how to best prepare and equip large-scale organisations and teams to drive and deliver smooth transitions
  • Digital transformation in financial services isn’t a one size fits all: pinpoint exactly what it means for your company in order to implement the correct initiatives to drive successful and sustainable transformation

14.20 Vijay Mitra, Director of Digital Risk & Digital Innovation lead, Nationwide Building Society

14.40 Umang Sota, Head of Product, Payment Experiences/Interface,

Cultural Transformation & Stakeholder Engagement

Panel Discussion


15.00 Guarantee Stakeholder Engagement, Create Digital Change Champions & Secure Long-Term Buy-In By Ensuring Digital Transformation Remains At The Forefront Of Company Culture

  • Accommodate for change within your organisational culture and analyse the impact new technologies can have to drive success and gain a competitive advantage
  • Foster an organisational culture that is digitally-focused, customer-centric, and primed for digital and AI integration and embraces the potential of new systems and tech
  • Pitch a credible case to stakeholders to demonstrate value of wider soft skills for digital transformation, with particular focus on communication and trust to secure long-term buy-in
  • Annual cycles, tenure, multi-year programmes and relocating funds: examine how proactively addressing changes and establishing effective organisational structures can position your company strongly across Financial Services

Monika Dissen, Managing Director, Global Head Internal Governance Principles & Board, Branch and Committee Governance, Deutsche Bank

Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital Marketing, Digital Platforms & Data Enablement, Legal & General Investment Management

Briony Bloom, Head of Analytics Impact & Engagement, Client Insights Unit, Schroders

Faizah Rafique, Principal Business Analyst, Atom bank

Transformation: Journey & Legacy

Double Perspective!

15.30 Overcome Legacy Constraints & Deliver Seamless Innovation & Digital Transformation To Unlock New Opportunities Across All Systems & Drive Your Organisation’s Digital Journey Forward

  • Reconcile legacy systems with cloud integrations and system upgrades to reduce technical debt and optimise operational efficiencies and inter-departmental collaboration across the business
  • Strike the right balance between new technologies and innovation whilst addressing legacy system limitations and blockers to consider scale, cost, and skills gaps for seamless transitions in the long-term
  • Are you guiding your customer through this change? Effectively communicate during the transition process to mitigate disruptions and engage customers to boost retention through increased support
  • How can legacy technologies stifle innovation and what can you build into strategies to effectively balance the integration of new, regulatory compliant systems while minimising disruptions during business-wide digital transformation?

15.30 Perspective 1: Kevin Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, NatWest Rooster Money

15.50 Perspective 2: Eugenia Planas, Head of Technology Product Division, Bank of England

Cyber & Cloud Security

Secure Data

16.00 Protect & Mitigate Cyber & Cloud Risks To Minimise The Potential Impact On Employees, The Wider Business & Your Customers When Driving Forward Digital Transformation

  • What are the must-haves to ensure your organisation’s data and cloud are secure? Ensure the tightest security possible from technical, compliance, and legal to mitigate potential risks and increase stakeholder trust
  • All your critical questions, answered: what are the current risks disrupting the industry? How does AI complicate existing risk frameworks? What are the new threats in the FS landscape, how soon are they going to impact us, and how can we best-prepare for any threats?
  • Examine how to navigate working with third-party providers and minimise the fear of data breaches, ensuring both safety and security
  • Should you be involving quantum computing in your cyber security defence? How can you mitigate the risks associated with quantum computing in financial services to ensure critical data security?
  • Discuss, debate and address fears around cloud integration and examine risk mitigation strategies to ensure smooth and successful transitions to cloud

16.20 Bonus Session – Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.50 Afternoon Break with Speed Networking

Regulatory Impact & Compliant Transformation

Get Ahead of Regulations!

17.20 Effectively Prepare For Regulatory Challenges & Navigate Technological Risks By Developing Sustainable Strategies With Clarity & Standardisation To Break New Ground With Digital Transformation

  • Examine transformational challenges and regulatory restraints to minimise disruption and develop benchmarks for assessing regulatory frameworks to power consistent, continuous, and compliant digital transformation
  • Uncover critical insights to build robust compliance frameworks that meet regulatory requirements and ensure long-term success
  • Don’t let regulatory pressure hinder your digital innovation! Maintain focus to drive innovation forward and remain agile to ensure your organisation sustains growth
  • Develop robust and outward-looking digital strategies which consolidate and level-up existing business structures and processes while remaining within regulatory frameworks

Mary Reuben, Head of Internal Audit, Control & Governance Assurance, United Bank for Africa (UK) Limited

Digital Skill Sets & Resources


17.40 Drive Forward Proactive & Structured Approaches To Continually Develop Digital Skill Sets & Resources Across Financial Services For A Lasting Competitive Advantage

  • Identify the optimum digital competencies and digital literacy, focussing on their unique needs, challenges, and realistic timescales, to meet your organisation’s needs
  • How can you ensure that the next 5-10 years are supported strategically with the right digital capabilities, and where should you prioritise investment long-term?
  • Promote the value of multifaceted skill sets and deliver change across legacy systems and new technologies to instil digital teams with the confidence to foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning
  • Planning for the future: discuss anticipated changes in digital skill sets for FS professionals, the impact of emerging technologies on skill requirements, and strategies for staying ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape

17.40 Perspective 1: Sushant Kumar, Executive Director, JP Morgan

18.00 Perspective 2: David Bonavia, Lead Operational Risk Framework Manager, Metro Bank (UK)

18.20 Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

Sharniya Ferdinand, Enterprise Community Strategy Director, NatWest

John Mahony, Head Of Compliance, Atrato Group