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Book Before This Thursday To Save £100! 25 FS Brands Speaking In 1 Day: Capitalise On Customer Trends & AI & Maximise Digital ROI For Value-Adding Digital Strategies Customer-Centric, Streamlined & Agile Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services

Increase Connectivity Through Open Banking • AI Application, Value & Benefits • Practical & Effective Data Strategies • Evolving Customer Trends, Expectations & Streamlined Journeys • Cultural Transformation • ESG & Sustainability • Digital Payments, App Design & Usability. A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th September 2022, The Law Society, London. No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

25 Digital, Product, Transformation & Customer Experience Professionals Across Financial Services Share Successful Digital Transformation Which Create Seamless Customer Journeys, Improve Process Efficiency, Transform Company Culture, Maximise Data Usage & Open Banking & To Keep Ahead Of The Digital Curve

  1. Showcase Open Banking & Digital Finance Success: Explore the benefits and unlimited opportunities of open banking and digital finance for streamlined and seamless customer journeys
  2. Winning AI Application, Value & Benefits: Enhance customer experiences and create efficient internal processes for future-driven benefits
  3. Data & Digital Payment Strategies: Unlock the potential of data and streamline payment processes to drive customer experiences and engagement compliantly and efficiently in Financial Services
  4. Customer Trends, Expectations & Seamless Journeys: Deliver value-adding, personalised and efficient digital customer journeys based on ever-changing customer trends and expectations
  5. Company Culture Transformation In A Digital-First World: Bring digital transformation to the forefront of your culture strategies and seamlessly embed into your company’s mission and values
  6. Sustainability, ESG & Climate: Demonstrate your commitment to ESG, climate and sustainability, prove impact and evidence going beyond greenwashing
  7. Digital App Design & Usability: Create seamless customer journeys through an exclusive case study of how apps can simplify user experience to drive engagement to your digital offerings
  8. Build Financial Capability & Bridge The Digital Divide: Explore real-life digital applications which enhance colleague and consumer experiences in a digital-first world

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Our 2022 Sponsors Include:

25 Heads Of Digital & Transformation Within FS Tackle Your Toughest Digital Transformation Challenges In 1 Day: Open Banking & Digital Finance • AI & Automation – Application, Value & Benefits • Data Strategies • Customer Insights, Expectations & Journeys • Cultural Transformation • Sustainability, ESG & Climate • Digital Transformation & Innovation • Digital Payments: Challenges & Trends • Build Financial Capability & Bridge The Digital Divide • Digital & App Design & Usability

Capitalise On Customer Trends & AI & Maximise Digital ROI For Value-Adding Digital Strategies Customer-Centric, Streamlined & Agile Digital Transformation & Innovation In Financial Services: Increase Connectivity Through Open Banking • AI Application, Value & Benefits • Practical & Effective Data Strategies • Evolving Customer Trends, Expectations & Streamlined Journeys • Cultural Transformation • ESG & Sustainability • Digital Payments, App Design & Usability. A One-Day, Financial Services-Led Conference & Networking Event, 27th September 2022, Central London.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ger Fleming, Senior Manager – Digital Banking Programme, permanent tsb


09.10 Showcase The Benefits & New Opportunities Open Banking Allows To Capitalise On Growing Trends & Create Seamless Digital Customer Journeys

  • Explore practical examples of how open banking provides new and innovative consumer solutions to demonstrate the value of open banking to maximise its potential to all consumer bases
  • Dig deeper into the growing consumer trends for open banking – who engages with it and what trends will continue to grow?
  • Examine the latest expectations of banks and financial services in order to deliver seamless and streamlined customer experiences through the
    transition to open finance
  • How can you measure the success of open banking to illustrate its benefit for time and investment and secure buy-in?


09.30 Uncover The True Value Of AI & Examine Real-Life Applications To Enhance Customer & Colleagues’ Digital Experiences For Future-Driven Tech Benefits

  • Determine the true value of AI to decrease operating costs and drive customer engagement by applying AI and automation for both customers and colleagues
  • Examine how AI is driving product preference from customers to evaluate how to maximise automation to improve personalisation and recommendations
  • How can you quantify and measure the value of AI to win buy-in and overcome sceptics?
  • Tactically embed AI into your FS strategies to maximise return on time and investment for real results

Richard Thomas, Head of Architecture, Atom Bank

Anuradha Deshpande, Director of Global Customer Support, GoCardless

Maaike Van den Branden, Associate Director, Data, Insights & Analytics,

Elizabetta Camilleri, Non-Executive Director, Bank of Valletta


10.00 An Exclusive Insight Into The Real-Life Applications Of AI To Enhance Value & Maximise Client Experiences

BNY Mellon built a product that uses AI to predict failing trades, thus allowing clients to get ahead of a trade before it actually fails. Discover insights on how AI can be utilised to create new value-adding products by leveraging existing data in your domain to enhance value for clients.

Javier Vicente, Lead Data Scientist, BNY Mellon


10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 Collect, Capture & Leverage Data To Compliantly & Efficiently Drive Customer Experiences & Engagement In Financial Services

  • Unlock meaningful insights from data measurement and translate them into actionable concepts which streamline transformation and support digital change
  • How can you make the most of data and analytics whilst remaining compliant amidst growing new regulations?
  • From personalised banking to targeted marketing: capitalise on the most effective data uses to create seamless customer journeys
  • When public concerns around data collection are higher than ever, how do you draw the line between the useful and intrusive and demonstrate the value and benefits to consumers?

Elizabetta Camilleri, Non-Executive Director, Bank of Valletta


11.40 Keep Up With Constantly Changing Consumer Trends & Expectations To Create Value-Adding, Seamless, Personal & Efficient Customer Journeys Which Boost Engagement & Drive Loyalty

  • Digital is on customers’ minds more than ever, so how can you identify the types of digital finance they are expecting in your digital offering?
  • Maximise strategies to navigate data security requirements to offer hassle-free customer journeys while remaining compliant and building critical consumer trust
  • Take the next step! From personalisation to online interactivity, discover new and innovative methods to create first-class customer journeys in financial services today
  • How can you power engagement and make sure that your Financial Services customer service is value-adding?

Gillian Forrest, Director, Enterprise Programmes, Barclays UK

Daniel Thomson, Head of Customer Propositions, Lloyds Banking Group

Rachel Harris, Director, Digital Channels, Standard Chartered Bank

Simone Vincent, Head of Email Marketing, Fidelity International

Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Digital Experience & Analytics, AXA Investment Managers

Becci Greenfield, User Experience Design Manager, Coventry Building Society


12.10 Bring Digital Transformation To The Forefront Of Your Strategies & Company Culture & Seamlessly Embed This Into The Heart Of Your Company’s Mission & Values

  • Overcome lingering hesitancies to move to digital to stay ahead of the industry curve and rising customer expectations
  • How can you engage and support your team with rapid internal changes to maximise investment in digital solutions?
  • Ensure your organisation continuously explores the latest innovative digital tools and channels to drive forward continuous transformation
  • Benchmark success and explore lessons learned to add long-term value

Geraldine Maringo, Chief Product Owner, Nationwide Building Society

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Tracy Watkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Finance, NatWest Group

Sol Enenmoh, Head of Digital Transformation, Vanquis Bank


13.40 Make Digital Transformation More Sustainable By Leveraging Results & Greenwashing Fears To Centre ESG & Climate Concerns In Your Strategies

  • COP26 insights! Customers are even more conscious of their purchasing choices today, so how can you prove the green and climate transformation credentials to satisfy consumer expectations today?
  • Explore practical insights to embed green finance and ESG into your strategies and how to accurately measure your carbon footprint to demonstrate your true impact and evidence going beyond greenwashing
  • Take inspiration outside of financial services and harness techniques to maximise environmentally-sustainable results


14.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.30 Set-Up, Set-Backs & Success: Examine Robust & Pioneering Strategies To Drive Your Digital Transformation & Innovation Journeys Forward

  • Secure company-wide backing and optimise the value of the latest digital processes by overcoming internal doubts, fear and organisational reluctancy around large-scale digital transformation
  • Real-time guidance on how to translate curiosity around digital transformation into actionable, practical and profit-boosting results (customer, business, technology, risk and people)
  • How can you ensure you have the right digital, business, and technology architecture in place to support your transformation portfolio?
  • From concept to viable product and successful integration and adoption...benchmark success by exploring timelines and critical lessons learnt

14.30 Digital Transformation & Innovation

Rowena Everson, Head Digital Channels & Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank

14.50 Humanisation Of Wholesale Digital Banking & Transformation

EJ Achtner, Global Head of Wholesale Digital Transformation, HSBC


15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 Streamline Your Payment Processes By Uncovering The Next Digital Payment Challenges & Trends Set To Disrupt Financial Services

  • From Google Pay to QR codes, the next innovations set to disrupt financial services will always be around the corner… keep up with the latest consumer expectations around payments to add real value to their digital experiences
  • Identify the consumer trends in both physical and digital payment methods to determine worthwhile investments for future growth
  • What is the future of payments? Will all consumers move to digital, and how can you ensure you continue to engage those who still demand physical methods of payment?


16.30 From Internal Culture To Consumer Divisions: Explore Real-Life Digital Applications Which Enhance Colleague & Consumer Experiences In A Digital-First World

  • Tackling generational differences! How can you make sure that those who aren’t demanding digital finance don’t fall behind and still feel supported by the services you provide?
  • How can you digitise customer journeys and applications to make them increasingly accessible but still taking your most vulnerable customers into consideration?
  • When consumer journeys are going at different speeds, explore how to satisfy all consumer bases to retain customer engagement and loyalty across the board
  • How can digital technologies be harnessed to encourage customers, address their financial wellbeing, and build their financial literacy and capability?

Ulas Kishore, Senior Manager – Digital Customer Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, Lending Standard Bank

Kat Mann, Savings & Investment Specialist, Nutmeg


17.00 Harness Innovative Technologies & Transform Culture Through App Designs Which Boost Client Engagement & Business Performance

  • Discover digital and app designs which are truly driven by customer insight and prioritise simplicity for user-friendly journeys
  • From customer engagement to financial incentives and system efficiencies, what benchmarks can you use to track success and measure performance for boosted ROI?
  • Examine the clarity and guidance needed during cultural change to deliver quick and agile digital transformation within Financial Services

Esin Over, Head of Digital Banking, first direct


17.20 Transforming QA For The Agile Teams

Kumar Ashok, QA Automation Lead, Tide Platform Limited

Ragini Khadka, Sr. QA Engineer, Tide Platform Limited

17.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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